Bugfix v1.4 now live

Hey all,

DEMEMORIZE is getting traffic again for some reason (no idea why/where) so I've taken it on myself to fix a couple of bugs that've cropped up since the initial ScreamJam hype died down. There are also a few QoL changes, but, for sure nothing worth replaying over. Quick changelog:

  • Dr. Cooper walking off in day1 no longer makes footsteps audible at (0, 0) for the rest of the game
  • Lia (and ..other.. followers) now animate a bit more smoothly
  • An extra sprite of Tess that obscured a cinematic shot in day4 has been removed
  • Move speed bumped up by 20%
  • Lights added to the Janitorial room and Owen's room to make sure doors are always visible

Thanks again to those who posted bug reports and other feedback! hoping to make more horror-y weird stuff sometime soon, hopefully


Dememorize v1.4 Windows (better performance) 29 MB
Mar 07, 2022
Dememorize v1.4 WebGL Play in browser
Mar 07, 2022

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i found the game through the Weird Fucking Games newsletter (here) so maybe that's where some traffic is from? (or their twitter or website)

I thought the footsteps following you the whole game was intentional because it really creeped me out haha

oh, yeah, and because I feel like uploading it somewhere, here's an awesome poster image by general cool guy Frogge (https://itch.io/profile/frogge)