The date is March 9th, 2001. Our protagonist receives a text message from their estranged sister, thought to have died a year earlier, leading them into a txt-based plot linking cults, machines, BBSs, conspiracies, the paranormal, and a certain Plan that unites them all.

Gameplay is performed through reading and sending messages via phone and PC, plus exploring beautiful hand-crafted environments in search of the occasional clue. Estimated time to complete is about an hour.


Vertigo Temple v1.06 73 MB


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I miss rpg games that are in depth and fine tuned as this. Everyone worked hard to give something above and beyond. The timing of the text and lighting was perfect, especially that feeling near the end where I was 'forced' to 'watch' the texts. The dialogue was well paced and didn't tire me out at all. The way each character spoke was distinct and the overall plot had a great buildup. The art expressed so much and was sometimes perfectly unsettling - little things like the main character's home/the weather animations/the glitches let the player know what to feel during the scene. The music itself was amazing - every part fit, and I felt weirdly nostalgic going back to the title music...the work you all did made this one of my favourites. I hope to see more from all of you (and this game possibly released on other platforms!). Definitely recommending this one to everyone. Thanks for this!

P.S. Is that the only ending? I'm so attached to all the characters
(Here is a list of typos I found, I can take it down if it's too spoilery and I'm aware this was for a jam so you might want to preserve it as such!)


Ahh, thanks, it's good to hear the game was fun.

There is indeed only the one ending. Thanks for the typo list, I'll try and get those corrected as part of bells-and-whistles release meant to cover the stuff we couldn't polish up in the jam timeframe.

really cool

The music was good, but the music when the mass blackout hit was amazing. I hope the composer does more work in the future.

Thank you so much!

I played it nonstop from the beginning to the end to see what was going on! Nice atmosphere, evocative locations, and an unusual story. Good job


Just played some for my youtube! I might make more but I have to see if people like it haha Great Game!


wow.. i played the game and onestly it was really well made..


Thanks so much for checking out, glad you thought so!